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Director of Research, The Wellesley Institute

Our client is seeking a dynamic member of the senior team who will
contribute to the strategic direction of The Wellesley Institute and
lead the research area.  Research is the foundation upon which
public policy positions and strategies for capacity building are based,
thus the Director of Research must be able to proactively assimilate
and articulate both micro and macro trends impacting the social
determinants of health, and implement research to address those trends.

The Wellesley Institute is a self-funded, non-profit corporation guided
by a visionary CEO and board, and represents the final phase in the
evolution of the former Wellesley Hospital, remaining committed in the
spirit of the hospital to develop research and advocacy initiatives in
the interest of urban and community health.

"The Wellesley Institute advances the social determinants of health
through rigorous community-based research, reciprocal capacity
building, and the informing of public policy."
You are an experienced research expert with PhD or comparable
credentials.  An entrepreneur at heart, you seek an environment
free from bureaucracy where you can apply your passion for reform,
pragmatic approach, and relentless drive to see research outcomes
implemented in the community and reflected in public policy. You will
lead the development and implementation of high-quality, innovative
urban health research initiatives that inform public policy
discussions, contribute to capacity building, and develop and manage
the investigative research agenda.

Your leadership will cause you to be highly visible partner in
Wellesley's growth as it welcomes the challenge of taking its place as
the leading provider of research based, outcomes focused, urban and
public health policy.

Project 15562

For more information, contact Mandrake at (416) 922-5400 or