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A Brand New Campaign for Youth by Youth on Risky Drinking

Over the last year or so you may have been exposed to an upcoming
initiative being developed focusing on risky drinking and safety
strategies for youth aged 15-18. This harm-reduction campaign has been
referred to as the Youth and Alcohol, Messages and Media Campaign or as
of more recently,

This exciting initiative is quickly coming to fruition and is set for a
public launch in early November. This campaign will be province wide
and utilize a variety of media including TV and radio ads, digital
marketing, a comprehensive, interactive website, peer to peer
programming, along with promotional materials including posters,
t-shirts, brochures, etc.

Want to get involved?  Further details including launch sites and
dates, train the trainer events, and how your community can get on
board will follow shortly. In the meantime, stay tuned to the APOLNET
Listserv or check in at

[Source: APOLNET-L,]