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National Child Day Posters Available

The 2006 National Child Day poster will soon be ready for distribution.
The poster will be available free of charge thanks to funding from the
Public Health Agency of Canada, although there is a small fee for

Quantity/Regular Mail/Express Post

  • 1/Free/$8.49
  • 2-5/$6.49/$21.49
  • 6-10/$9.49/$24.49
  • 11-25/$13.49/$28.49
  • 26-50/$20.49/$35.49
  • 51-75/$26.87/ $41.87
  • 76-100/$34.87/$49.87
  • 101/contact Francine Fortin

Please place your order with Francine Fortin, at,or by fax at (613) 729-3159. Further National
Child Day information, including our new resource sheet, can be found