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Call for Papers--Meetings of the Health and Public Policy Group at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 30-31, 2007

The objective of this group is to encourage scholarly dialogue and
debate in the critically important domain of Health and Public Policy
amongst social scientists, inclusive of economists, sociologists,
political scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, geographers and
other health scientists.

Congress provides an excellent opportunity to facilitate and encourage
inter- and intra-disciplinary discourse amongst scholars who are
typically part of Congress and those organizations who have gone their
own way.  Amongst the themes we are interested in are

  • Population Health
  • Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Socio-Economics Determinants of Health & Health Status
  • Health Policy--Post Romanow Report
  • Gender and Public Health
  • Aboriginal Health
  • Income and Socio-Economic Status and Health
  • The Future of Medicare
  • International Health
  • Cross County and Inter-Regional Comparisons of Health Care Systems

We welcome paper proposals (one page abstracts with information on
goals, hypothesis, method, results, conclusion, etc.) on these and
other areas of interest. Please send your abstract by email to

The deadline for abstract submission is February 15, 2007. Additional
information will be available at Your proposal should include
the author(s) name(s), affiliation, correspondence information (email
address is critical).