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RFP--Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition's "Organizational Renewal Strategy"


The Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC) is an incorporated
registered charity which was established in 1992 to support the
development and sustainability of a Healthy Communities movement in
Ontario. Healthy Communities is an international movement with over
7,500 coalitions and networks currently in existence around the globe.

OHCC envisions healthy communities throughout Ontario in which all
organizations from informal groups to governments are working together
effectively to improve the quality of life for all members of the
community. Our mission is to work with the diverse communities of
Ontario to strengthen their social, environmental and economic

Currently OHCC has 287 members, in three classes of membership;
provincial, community and network. OHCC is governed by a volunteer
Board of Directors who represent the different classes of membership.

OHCC provides administration and communications functions from its
central office in Toronto, where the Executive Director and the
Administration and Finance Coordinator are based. Educational resources
on topics relating to Healthy Communities are produced and a Healthy
Communities network is coordinated through a semi-annual newsletter,
monthly e-bulletin and website. Four regionally-based Community
Animators provide information, consultation, referrals and training
services to community groups, organizations and coalitions that are
working to improve their community well-being using a Healthy Community
approach. OHCC services are provided in both English and French, to the
extent that our resources allow.

Current Issues

Having completed several multi-year projects in the past year, the
Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition is now in a transitional phase.
We have downsized our staff and have less capacity to maintain our
province-wide reach and a consistent level of service.
This is an appropriate time to assess the current social, political and
economic environment in which we are working, identify opportunities
for growth and development and consider different paradigms for our
organizational structure in order to align community needs, effective
deployment of our current resources and current and potential funders'

Within the framework of the 2005 - 2010 OHCC Strategic Plan, the
organizational renewal initiative will focus on increasing our
organizational capacity to work effectively with community groups and
coalitions to increase their capacity to plan, implement and evaluate
collaborative initiatives aimed at improving the social, economic and
environmental well-being of their community.

The scope of this particular process will include organizational
structure, decision-making and communication processes, and roles and
responsibilities of Board, staff, volunteers and contract staff. This
process is also intended to promote mutual understanding and respect
among the Board and staff.

Major Deliverables

The services of a consultant are being sought to assist OHCC to develop
an organizational structure that will further our vision and mission
that contains clear roles, responsibilities and lines of communication
for Board, Executive Director and staff. The major deliverables are
outlined below:

Board/Staff Meeting:  January 2007:  

Currently scheduled for January 19, 2007, the consultant will facilitate a day-long meeting with Board and staff members to

(a)  review current strategic plan
(b)  review keys to successful strategic plan implementation
(c)  review recent successes of OHCC--the foundations that we can build on
(d)  review roles, responsibilities, lines of authority and lines of communication of Board, Executive Director and staff
(e) undertake a cursory environmental scan based on the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the group
(f)  assess efficacy of current organizational structure

Information Gathering:  January-February 2007

Individual information is to be gathered from both staff and Board
members, through individual interviews with all 6 staff members and
through a questionnaire administered by mail or email to the Board
members. The focus will be on the effectiveness of the organizational
structure and functions.

Strategic Plan Development: March 2007

Tentatively scheduled for March 30, 2007, the consultant will facilitate a day-long board/staff meeting to

(a) report findings from the interviews and questionnaires
(b) facilitate finding solutions to identified areas of concern
(c) develop an organizational structure that will further our vision
and mission that contains clear roles, responsibilities and lines of
communication for Board, Executive Director and staff.
(d) identify areas in which further development is required, which will
build on our current skills and experience and will enable us to adapt
to our changing environment.


A final report with recommendations will be submitted in writing to the OHCC Board of Directors by April 30th, 2007.


It is anticipated that qualified applicants will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge of Healthy Communities
  • Knowledge of needs and issues relating generally to community organizations
  • Knowledge of not-for-profit organizational structures and governance models
  • Prior experience with not-for-profit organizational assessments
  • At least two references


Up to $5,000 is available to finance this work, inclusive of all expenses and taxes.

Resource Material

Information about the OHCC is available at A number of documents will be made
available to the successful applicant, including the OHPRS Needs
Assessment Report, the OHCC 2005-2010 Strategic Plan, and other
background materials.

Submission Requirements

Proposals are to be submitted by December 20, 2006. In your proposal please provide:

  • A brief description of your approach to providing the service, based on the major deliverables described above
  • An estimate of the associated costs.
  • A brief biography, highlighting your recent relevant experience.
  • Proposals should not exceed 3 pages in length.

Selection Process

Proposal will be reviewed by the OHCC Organizational Renewal Work
Group. Potential candidates will be asked to attend a telephone
interview. We will then enter into a formal, written contract with the
selected applicant. Completed proposals must be received by 5:00 pm
Friday, December 20th, 2006 via fax (416) 408-4843, email or mail to

2 Carlton Street, Suite 1810
Toronto, ON M5B 1J3

OHCC accepts no responsibility for submissions that are lost due to
mechanical or electronic failures. We regret that we can only respond
to those applicants that are selected for an interview. OHCC is an
equal opportunity employer.