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Shades of Grey...Body Image and Self Esteem

89 Chestnut Avenue
It's not our bodies that need changing... it's our
attitudes.   Listen, learn and share stories...find the
shades of grey in a world often presented in black and white.

Internationally acclaimed participating educators, activists, and practitioners include

  • Shari Greydon--Author of award-winning books Made You Look-How
    Advertising Works, and Why You Should Know
    and In Your Face - The Culture of Beauty and You
  • Joe Kelly--Author of Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Support
    and Understand Your Daughter When She's Growing Up So Fast, journalist,
    activist and co-founder of Dads and Daughters
  • Carla Rice--Global consultant on women's body image issues,
    including body image, disability and physical difference, body
    diversity and equity in schools and body image across the lifespan
  • Glenn Gaesser--Author of Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your
    Weight and Your Health; professor, University of Virginia, Fellow of
    the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Sandra Friedman--Author of The Body Thieves; Nurturing Girl Power; and When Girls Feel Fat

Topics include About boys and men, Youth engagement, and Tools for coaches and educators.

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