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Globalization and the Health of Canadians

A conference for researchers, students and the public

This conference launches a research network on Globalization and the
Health of Canadians. Despite an extensive body of research on
globalization, Canada lacks a critical mass of expertise on how to
respond to globalization's health impacts within our borders.

In 2006, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research awarded a five-year
Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement grant to a team of researchers
from ten Canadian universities, many of whom will speak at the
conference. Their work emphasizes that population health is affected by
much more than just health care and will focus on improving Canadians'
understanding of how globalization affects social determinants of
health for low-income families with children in Canada's major
metropolitan areas. In addition, team members will identify best social
policy practices from the experiences of other countries and explore
Canada's policy options for the future.

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