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Letter from the Editors: OHPE's Year in Review and Comings & Goings

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I Introduction

In our annual Year in Review article, we summarize some of the behind
the scenes work we've done this year (including hiring a new editor and
wrangler for our feature articles!), provide you with a handy list of
all the feature articles from 2006, and catch up on some comings and
goings in the field from the end of last year.

Remember, you can send us your news or comments at any time. We welcome
your feedback on our feature articles, news about old colleagues and
new colleagues, and comments on our newsletter and searchable database
of health promotion information. Read our complete submission
guidelines at and write to

From all of us at the Ontario Health Promotion Email Bulletin, thanks
to our many contributors and readers for a fantastic 2006 and our best
wishes to you for 2007!

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II We Check in and Make Changes

A Survey

In March 2006 we conducted an evaluation survey of OHPE
subscribers.  We were looking for two things:  information
about our subscribers themselves and information about what our
subscribers liked and disliked about OHPE.  Our 1,018 respondents
gave us a wealth of data on both topics--data we're still analyzing as
we look ahead to our next database and website revisions.  Here
are a few survey highlights:

  • About 85% of survey respondents were from Ontario
  • A third work in Ontario public health units
  • People were generally pleased with the weekly frequency of OHPE
  • There were no website features that everyone loved (or hated), although there were many good suggestions for improvements

Thanks again to all our survey respondents! A longer look at the survey can be found in OHPE 483 at

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B Website Improvements

The OHPE website runs from a database hidden in the background. 
We launched the website's latest iteration in 2005, and we've spent
2006 watching to see what works and what could use improvement (shorter
links! and better search options! say our survey respondents). 
We'll be implementing some changes early in 2007, with further changes
and perhaps a website redesign later in the year.

As always, if you'd like to tell us about changes you'd particularly like to see, you can write us at

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C Introducing Bonnie

The OHPE Bulletin is pleased to announce that Bonnie Heath is our new
Features Editor. Bonnie is a health care writer, editor and consultant
who specializes in health promotion, policy analysis, and knowledge

Bonnie's eclectic background started with the Masters in Health
Promotion at the University of Toronto in the eighties. She focused on
occupational health--not a traditional area for health promoters but a
fertile one for community-based research, education, advocacy, and
program development.

Since that time, she has experienced the health care system from nearly
every possible perspective. As a public servant with Ontario Ministry
of Health and Long-Term Care, Bonnie was responsible for 21 community
health centres and later was the coordinator of Canada's first fully
funded midwifery program. On leaving the ministry, she was a Project
Manager at St. Michael's Hospital Inner City Health Program and a
medical editor with The Hospital for Sick Children. Then came the
unexpected part of Bonnie's association with the hospital sector.
During her recovery from spinal cord surgery, she began consulting as a
writer and editor with the Research Department of the Lyndhurst Spinal
Cord Centre (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute).

Bonnie's newfound intimacy with disability issues led her to become the
first knowledge exchange specialist for the Ontario Neurotrauma
Foundation, a funder of research on spinal cord injuries, acquired
brain injuries and injury prevention.

Currently, Bonnie is fulfilling a long-held ambition to run her own
business, a path that has led back to both health promotion and
occupational health. In addition to editing features for OHPE, she is
coordinating a Community University Research Alliance grant for an
extensive project on the consequences of workplace injury.

Bonnie is now your main contact for all feature article
inquiries!  With this new, dedicated (although still very
part-time!) position, we hope to improve our response time and increase
the number and quality of articles over the course of the year. 
You can reach Bonnie with your ideas and contributions at If you're not sure what you can contribute, have a
look at our Most Wanted List below for some ideas.

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III Feature Articles

A Most Wanted Topics for 2007

One of the goals of the OHPE is to reflect the variety and diversity
that is health promotion in Ontario. To help us with this, we created a
list of action areas, determinants of health, foundations of health
promotion, generic strategies, priority populations, issues, and
settings (a list that will be updated this year to make our language
more consistent). At the end of every calendar year, we sit down and
review all of the feature articles to see what areas we've covered and
what ones we haven't. From this, we develop a list of topics we would
like to find writers for in the coming year. This year, our survey
respondents also chipped in with some things they'd like to read

Subject Areas

  • Determinants: Biology & Genetics, Working Conditions, Physical Environments, Health Services
  • Foundations of Health Promotion: Ethics, Learning Methods
  • Generic Strategies: Prevention, Organizational Development, Community Development, Intersectoral Collaboration
  • Issues: Quality of Life, AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Violence Prevention, Sexuality/Reproductive Health
  • Priority Populations: Aboriginal People, Men, Adults 20-55, Disabled, People with HIV/AIDS
  • Visible Minority Groups, Multi-Cultural Communities, Homeless, People in Remote, Rural Northern Communities
  • Settings: Enforcement/Justice, Leisure, Health/Social Services

Specific Topics

  • environmental health
  • injury prevention, including crime/violence prevention
  • the health system (what's going on, etc.)
  • evaluation and research (methods, not individual research/evaluation projects)
  • career and education issues for health promoters

Have a look, and if you'd like to write on these topics, or know
someone who'd be a good person to ask, let us know by writing our new
editor, Bonnie, at

We'd also like to thank all of our wonderful volunteer writers from
2006!  Don't forget that you can send brief updates on your
previously published articles as Letters to the Editor; just email

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B 2006 Feature Articles

Mass and Interpersonal Communication: Buzz for Behaviour Change
OHPE 490 November 17, 2006
Thomas W. Valente, PhD, Jodi Thesenvitz (The Health Communication
Unit), Anthony Lombardo (on behalf of The Health Communication Unit)

Sustaining Health Promotion Efforts
OHPE 487 October 27, 2006
Nancy Dubois, Consultant, The Health Communication Unit at the Centre
for Health Promotion, University of Toronto (

March 2006 OHPE Subscriber Survey: Overview of Results
OHPE 483 September 29, 2006
Robyn Kalda, Health Promotion Information Specialist, Ontario
Prevention Clearinghouse and member of the OHPE Editorial Committee

Self-Help + Health Promotion: One Relationship at a Time
OHPE 482 September 22, 2006
Spencer Brennan, OSHNET Program Coordinator, and Mark Iacovelli, Ryerson Nursing student

Feature Article: Integrating Self-Care and Chronic Disease Management through a Community Based Research Approach
OHPE 480 September 8, 2006
Kevin Donald Willison, Institute for Life Course and Aging, University
of Toronto,,

Letter from the Editors--Health Promotion Awards
OHPE 479 September 1, 2006

Creating Inclusive Community Organizations: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health
OHPE 477 August 18, 2006
Lisa Tolentino, Community Animator/Diversity Coordinator, with excerpts
from Inclusive Community Organizations: A Tool Kit, Ontario Healthy
Communities Coalition

Feature Article--Reflections on the Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion
OHPE 476 August 11, 2006
Translated from the French original published in Le Bloc Note (Bulletin 14, 14 octobre 2005)

Comings and Goings in the Field, July 2006
OHPE 471 July 7, 2006

Letters to the Editor and Comings and Goings, May 2006
OHPE 465 May 26, 2006

Mental health promotion - a natural fit for health promoters
OHPE 462 May 5, 2006
Mary Martin Rowe, health promotion consultant, Health Promotion
Resource Centre, Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse, and National Board
of Directors member, Canadian Mental Health Association

Co-Facilitation: A Two-Header
OHPE 461 April 28, 2006
Spencer Brennan, Interim Coordinator of the Ontario Self-Help Network,
a program of the Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto

Kids Grow Ontario: Improving the Knowledge and Reporting Landscape in Ontario
OHPE 460 April 21, 2006 Sam Gardner, Cathy Vine, and Claire Molloy, Kids Grow Ontario,

OHPE Feature Article: Creating a Consistent Health Promotion Approach in a National Network
OHPE 453 March 3, 2006 Krissa Fay, HP Consultant, HP Affiliate, OPC, and Wendy Pinder, Project Manager, HP Affiliate, OPC

Feature Article: Youth & Alcohol, Messages & Media (YAMM) Campaign
OHPE 452 February 24, 2006

Feature: Letters to the Editors and News from the Field, January 2006
OHPE 447 January 20, 2006

Feature Article: Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion: Recommended and Promising Practices for Situational Assessment Tools
OHPE 446 January 13, 2006 Nancy Dubois, Consultant, Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Project, The Health Communication Unit

Feature Article: OHPE's Year in Review
OHPE 445 January 6, 2006

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IV Comings and Goings

1 New Manager at AHLN (December 2006)

Judith and I are very pleased to announce that Ann Makin has accepted
the position of Manager for the Alberta Healthy Living Network. 
She will begin this role on January 2, 2007.  Ann's office will be
based in Calgary and she will be providing her contact information to
our membership once she is settled in.

We are sure you will all enjoy working with Ann. With more than 20
years experience in the public and private sectors, Ann has honed her
expertise in strategic planning, financial management, media relations,
and project management. Ann also has excellent communications skills
and a positive attitude. Her diverse work experience includes
Petro-Canada and most recently, the Alberta Children's Hospital

Please join us in the New Year in welcoming Ann to the Alberta Healthy Living Network.

Seasons Greetings,
Ellen Murphy

B Krissa Fay Joins LHIN (December 2006)

Krissa Fay, OPC's Communications and Policy Specialist is moving on to
a new position at Toronto Central Local Health Integration
Network.  She starts her new role as Community Engagement
Consultant on January 22, 2007.

C Board of Directors for New Federal Agency--Assisted Human Reproduction Canada (December 2006)

The Honourable Minister of Health Tony Clement is pleased to announce
the appointment of Dr. Elinor Wilson as President, and Dr. John Hamm as
Chairperson of the new federal agency Assisted Human Reproduction
Canada.  The Minister also appointed eight additional members to
this inaugural Board of Directors of the Agency. Read the full press
release at

D New Health Promotion Coordinators at the Ministry (December 2006)

Please welcome Dave Sit and David Reeder to the Health Promotion and Wellness Unit as Health Promotion Coordinators. 

Dave Sit has well-rounded experience with health promotion having
worked at two public health units, Peel Region Public Health Department
and Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit.  Dave brings experience
working with community mobilization, tobacco and physical activity
programs as well as a BHSc and an MA in Human Kinetics.

David Reeder has worked for the past four years with the Windsor-Essex
Health Unit as a Health Promotion Specialist where he had
responsibility for "Working Toward Wellness at DCCI"--a workplace
health promotion program at DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc.  Prior to
his employment with the Health Unit, David completed a Master's Degree
in Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor.

E McGuinty Government Thanks Chief Medical Officer of Health for Service to Public Health

The McGuinty government today thanked Dr. Sheela Basrur, Ontario's
Chief Medical Officer of Health for her outstanding service to the
province of Ontario. Dr. Basrur announced earlier today that she will
be stepping down from her role due to personal health concerns.

"Dr. Basrur has led the way to rebuilding public health in this
province. Under her leadership, we launched Operation Health
Protection, the most comprehensive renewal of public health since the
1980s," said Minister of Health and Long-Term Care George Smitherman."
Dr. Basrur is a dedicated professional, an excellent communicator and a
great leader who is truly passionate about making this province and its
people as healthy as possible."

Dr. Basrur has a long list of accomplishments during her tenure as
Chief Medical Officer of Health. She was instrumental in proposing
Ontario's first arms length agency for health protection; she led the
development of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy; she launched a review
of all 36 health units across the province with the goal of
strengthening health unit capacity; and she laid the groundwork for an
extensive examination of the programs and services that are delivered
by public health units in Ontario.

Dr. George Pasut will be the Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health
while a search for a permanent replacement is underway. Dr. Pasut is
currently with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as the
Executive Lead of Public Health System Transformation. He was the
Medical Officer of Health in Simcoe County for nine years, and prior to
that, worked for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for seven

Read the full press release at

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