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Webinar on Tobacco Sales to Minors, and Staggered Baseline Design

12 noon Eastern Time

Reward and Reminder is an easily replicable and highly effective
approach, pioneered in the states of Wyoming and Wisconsin, for
reducing illegal sales of tobacco to young people. It rewarded clerks
in tobacco outlets for doing the right thing, while reminding those
willing to sell tobacco to minors about the law prohibiting such sales.
In addition, the campaign publicized successful stores and clerks to
local media, and encouraged citizens to use special "thank you for
doing the right thing" cards for local stores and clerks.  This
case study is an excellent illustration of the use of multiple baseline
design as an alternative to control groups for program evaluation.

Presenter: Dennis Embry, Paxis Institute  

Participants will view the PowerPoint presentation using their web
browsers while listening on their telephones to the presentation. Since
the presentation is live, participants can ask questions, make comments
and exchange advice, all without leaving their offices. The cost is US$
45 per connection and there's no limit on how many participants can use
the same connection.    

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