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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) Annual Award

The CCPH Award recognizes exemplary partnerships between communities
and higher educational institutions that build on each other's
strengths to improve higher education, civic engagement, and the
overall health of communities.

The intent of the CCPH Award is to highlight the power and potential of
community-campus partnerships.  As a strategy, these partnerships
can contribute to achieving many significant outcomes, including but
not limited to eliminating health disparities; producing
community-responsive, culturally competent health professionals;
increasing the diversity of the health workforce; expanding access to
higher education, health care and technology; and advancing economic,
social and environmental justice.

Through the CCPH Award we seek to recognize community-campus
partnerships that others can aspire to; embody the CCPH principles;
pursue multiple community-campus partnership strategies; involve a full
range of partners; and achieve significant outcomes that go beyond a
process or a single event.

To be eligible, the applicant must be an established partnership
involving one or more community partners and one or more higher
education partners. Partnerships must nominate themselves and need not
be members of CCPH. Partnerships that have applied in the past but did
not receive the award or honorable mentions may re-submit.  
We welcome nominations from any country or nation.  CCPH can only
accept nominations in English.

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