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Now Available--Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada Call to Action

Issued at the 2nd national conference of CDPAC in November 2006, this document calls on all levels of government, communities and individuals in Canada to work together to prevent devastating increases in chronic disease and urges concrete actions to address the social and environmental determinants of health.  It calls for tangible changes to address poverty and other social determinants of health, make our communities and schools healthier and implement public policies that will improve prevention and the health of Canadians.  The Call to Action reflects strong themes from the conference and participants' comments and suggestions and identifies key opportunities for collaboration and progress. 

The Call to Action, a complete list of participants' comments and suggestions and the press release from the closing day of the conference are also available on the CDPAC website at

In the coming months, further documents from the CDPAC conference will be made available that synthesize conference sessions and discussions that relate to the Call to Action recommendations.  These will also be available on the CDPAC website.