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Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity

Harbourfront Community Centre

"Chronic Disease and Alcohol"

Join us for the 4th annual forum focusing on current and emerging issues related to alcohol consumption and implications for health and safety policies. The aim of this forum is to bring substance abuse prevention and chronic disease professionals together in an opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange. This year we will be discussing the link between alcohol and chronic disease and the practical programming that is currently available in relation to this relevant and timely topic.

Enjoy speakers such as

  • Norman Giesbrecht, Senior Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Deb Keen, Director of Prevention Unit, Cancer Care Ontario
  • Pam Benson, Manager, FOCUS Resource Centre
  • Diane Buhler, Executive Director, Parent Action on Drugs
  • Marianne Kobus-Matthews, Senior Health Promotion Consultant, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Janet McAllister, Program Consultant, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

This forum is free of charge and lunch with special dietary considerations will be provided for all participants.  To register, please visit

The deadline to register is Thursday, March 8, 2007. Space is limited and registration will close early if we reach capacity.