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Aboriginal Peoples and Food Security: Rural and Urban Difficulties, Developments and Research

2:30-4:30 p.m.
Ryerson University, 7th floor Heaslip House, 297 Victoria Street

This Food For Talk presentation, which is covered by three Aboriginal women, will introduce issues of food security in northern/rural First  Nations communities and in urban areas such as Toronto. It will raise  both the similarities and differences within each of these types of  communities, examine the historical roots and present day impacts of  food insecurity and explore the attempts at lessening this problem for  Aboriginal peoples.

The presentation will then turn to Aboriginal world views, research  methodologies and cultural/ethical protocols which are currently  serving as guidelines for many Aboriginal researchers/research  projects. A specific research project that has begun with  Aboriginal/Indigenous youth in a First Nations community in New  Brunswick and a rural community in Brazil on food security and  identities will be show cased.

For more information about the seminar series, contact Kim Crichton-Struthers at or telephone the Centre for Urban Health Initiatives at (416) 978-7223. 

Previous Food For Talk seminars are presently available in digital
audio format at the website of the Ryerson Centre for Studies in Food Security, and the Centre For Urban Health Initiatives website,