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Evaluation Specialist, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Position:  Evaluation Specialist   
Reports to:  Senior Manager, Research Programs
Department:  Research, Advocacy and Health Promotion
Location:  Provincial Office, Ontario
Status:  Full Time, Permanent
Grade:  C2

Role Definition

The Evaluation Specialist is responsible for assisting the Senior Evaluation Specialist in the evaluation components of the new High Blood Pressure AIM five-year implementation plan.  Working within an approved HBP AIM evaluation framework and performance indicators, the Evaluation Specialist will:

  • implement & monitor these indicators,
  • collect and ensure data collection is complete, enter, make initial observations & interpretations of evaluation data from all streams
  • create analysis reports, and
  • analyze provider needs assessment data, follow-up with providers as needed
  • Additionally, the Evaluation Specialist may be required to assist in other Foundation evaluation projects as appropriate.

General Responsibilities and the Specific (Key) Accountabilities

Data Entry/Management

  • Populate evaluation management system (e.g. database) with data from all streams (including Ontario HBP prevalence survey data for yrs 1-5)
  • Ongoing monitoring & coordination of evaluation data throughout the project
  • Code qualitative data gathered

Data Analysis & Interpretation

  • Analyze findings of provider management needs assessments & evaluations, including nursing interventions yrs 3-5, for presentation and discussion with Snr Evaluation Specialist
  • Follow-up for and review findings of nursing guideline pilot testing-for inclusion in overall evaluation by Snr Evaluation Specialist
  • Provide interpretations and reports on all data/findings analyzed to Senior Evaluation Specialist, or others as appropriate
  • Track results from research initiatives (i.e. publications, presentations) and assist in determining impact
  • Consolidate research results into report for analysis by experts, identify potential applications of research results to provider intervention streams
  • Collect data to facilitate identifying HSFO's leadership role, quality of relationships, and ongoing program impact/sustainability in healthcare community
  • Ability to gain best value from raw information but also utilize a creative judgment to see beyond the numbers

Data Presentation

  • Assist Senior Evaluation Specialist in presentation of HBP AIM data analysis, interpretation and recommendations as required

Relationship Responsibilities

  • While this role reports to the Senior Manager, Research Programs, it works in a highly interactive fashion with the Senior Evaluation Specialist and the Senior Manager, High Blood Pressure AIM
  • Participatory role in cross-functional staff team
  • Participatory role in evaluation Management Advisory Group (MAG), and with external evaluation consultant(s)
  • Interactive role with other AIM MAGs (esp. provider management) as required
  • Influence data collection from health care professionals through regular contact and relationship building

Key Challenges/Constraints

  • Accurate interpretations & clarifications of findings and identification of possible patterns
  • Challenge of working with mixed methods (quantitative/qualitative) design
  • Possible difficulty in defining ways to apply learnings from one stream into another
  • Dynamic project subject to possible frequent changes
  • Evaluation culture new to the organization

Competency/Knowledge requirements

Technical Excellence

  • Quantitative/qualitative, outcomes-motivated evaluation skills
  • Data entry/analysis/interpretation skills
  • Report creation as it relates to evaluation
  • Skill in collecting, analyzing, verifying and manipulating data
  • Healthcare/hypertension/epidemiology knowledge
  • Administrative skills
  • Database design experience an asset
  • Multi-centre data collection and evaluation also considered an asset
  • Accountability for Results
  • Gets the job done through self and others under tight timelines
  • Customer Focus
  • Gathers and analyzes research findings and makes recommendations with comprehensive understanding of healthcare environment and potential obstacles facing HCP
  • Adapting with Change

Influence and Interpersonal Savvy

  • Communicating Effectively

Education Requirement

  • Undergraduate degree in Statistics, Business Management, Health Sciences, Health Promotion
  • Master's in Statistics, Epidemiology, Health Administration an asset

Industry Experience

  • 1-2 years of experience in a healthcare decision support environment including experience preparing analyses of activity
  • One (1) + years experience designing and developing standard and ad hoc reports

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward your application by March 12th, 2007, to

Human Resources
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1300
Toronto, ON  M4P 1E4

Note to internal applicants: please indicate Internal Application in e-mail subject header.