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Breastfeeding Initiatives: Managing the Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Process

10:00-11:30 a.m.
Conference call with live online support

The Health Communication Unit and Best Start

Maximum 12 participants

Recently, THCU has received a number of requests for information and guidance from organizations working on breastfeeding issues. In order to help practitioners benefit from each other's experience, we are holding this event to discuss the challenges and opportunities in planning, promoting and evaluating breastfeeding programs in their communities.

Participants will shape the agenda by submitting their questions and challenges in advance. THCU and Best Start will provide suggested tools and advice for each topic on the agenda, and facilitate a discussion about application of the advice with participants.

Examples of topics that may be covered include

  • How to overcome the negative press coverage associated with reported breastfeeding challenges
  • Overcoming the perception that health units are "the breastfeeding police"
  • How to attract interest among administrators and policy makers
  • How to communicate effectively with physicians

Jodi Thesenvitz and Robb MacDonald from The Health Communication Unit will be facilitating the session with support from Best Start. Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Health Promotion, there is no cost to participants for this event.

To register, please visit or phone Cathy at (416) 978-0522.