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Sources, Resources and Organizations Related to OHPE 233's Feature Article

This section includes a useful list of sources, resources and organizations that may be able to assist your implementation efforts.

A. Training for Managers, Supervisors & Event Organizers
B. Employee Awareness and Assistance
C. Program Planning & Organizational Change

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A. Training for Managers, Supervisors & Event Organizers

1) The Drug-Free Workplace: A Guide for Supervisors and Managers

This practical resource reviews the responsibilities of supervisors and managers and ways to identify and deal with employee performance problems. Although targeted to an American audience, the information is applicable to any setting.

2) Ontario Human Rights Commission Publications

Particularly recommended are the Commission's Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing, Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate, and Human Rights at Work.

3) Smart Serve Library

Includes information on host liability, responsible service tips, and links to training videos and packages for alcohol servers, event organizers and others.

4) Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

See alcohol and publications sections for tip sheets on liability, recognizing intoxication, special occasion permits, alcohol advertising and promotions, and more.

5) the Human Internet

This extensive US-based website is a guide to over 50,000 subjects. The information is wide ranging, well-written and well-organized. The section on alcoholism is extensive and includes good information on policy development and links to online drinking assessment tools, resources.

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B. Employee Awareness and Assistance

1) Alcohol-Related Public Education Materials Database

Searchable database contains order information and, in some cases, direct links to free or low-cost fact sheets, brochures, posters, guides, and other materials appropriate for use in Ontario. Materials cover topics such as drinking and driving, alcohol and pregnancy, low-risk drinking, alcohol and youth, and more.

2) Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Click on About LCBO, Social Responsibility Section for alcohol-free mocktail recipes and information on seasonal public awareness campaigns.

3) ABC Fact Sheets from the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Awareness Commission

4) Canadian Health Network

National bilingual website full of user-friendly information and links to over 10,000 internet resources.

5) Employee Assistance Programs and Addictions Services in Canada

Searchable databases on the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse website and the Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment at

6) How to start and maintain a self-help group

User-friendly guide on organizing a self-help group and links to nearly 500 groups province-wide.

7) Low-risk Drinking Guidelines website

Bilingual website maintained by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Association of Local Public Health Agencies and the Ontario Public Health Association. Features basic information and campaign resources on low-risk drinking. Appropriate for workers as well as those coordinating alcohol-related awareness events.

8) MagellanAssist

Magellan Behavioral Health is a leading provider of workplace health services in the US. The site contains self-assessment tools related to substance abuse and mental health, information on health and wellness, tips for workers, and much more. Due to differences between the Canadian and US approaches to workplace alcohol and other issues, information related to drug testing should be used with caution.

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C. Program Planning & Organizational Change

1) Health Communication Tools and Resources

The Health Communication Unit website includes links to newsletter, workshop materials, practical guides, and external resources.

2) Organizational development publications from the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse

Covers topics such as the learning organization, creating a climate for change, leadership, and much more.

3) The Change Management Resource Library from the US Quality Leadership Centre

Includes links and full-text articles on a wide range of work-related change management issues. While much of the content is based on the experiences of large US corporations, many of the models, primers, and tool kits may also be applied to alcohol policy development in the workplace.

4) APOLNET website

Particularly recommended are the Policy-making and Workplace Policy Action Packs, which feature many of the documents mentioned in previous sections of this guide, and the Resources Section, which includes links to free searchable online databases, best practice documents, sample policy collection, scholarly publications, email discussion lists, and public education materials.

5) WorkNet from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Devoted exclusively to workplace alcohol and other drug issues. It includes upcoming events, statistics, recent court cases, research papers and codes of practice related to alcohol and other drug testing, searchable databases of employee assistance programs, treatment services, and much more.

6) Employers Online

Comprehensive site maintained by the Government of Canada. Includes vast array of information and links on human resource issues useful to small and medium-sized businesses. Section on occupational health and safety includes links to Health Canada's Workplace Health Page, information on selecting EAP providers, workplace health assessment tools, safety training, and legislative and regulatory requirements.