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Complex Systems Approaches to Population Health

You are invited to join with scholars from across the country  who will come to the Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health and The Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan, to explore how complex systems approaches can be used to understand the broad problems of population health.

Increasingly we have to come to realize that new approaches are required to address  

  • pervasive problems of health inequalities
  • current global epidemics of obesity and diabetes and potential pandemics triggered by new disease agents
  • health impacts of globalization and rising inequality between and within nations.
  • rapid and extraordinary losses of life expectancy following political and social change
  • broad footprints of residential and work environments on health and productivity
  • building an understanding of health that links the social and the biological
  • increasing evidence that health and well-being reflect processes extending over the life course, and intergenerationally, and are acutely sensitive to context and  multiple layers of determinants
  • complex problems of selection and interaction in human environments involving dynamic feedback between causes and effects

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Please join us at this exciting symposium and circulate this notice to your colleagues.