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Call for Abstracts--Canadian Conference on International Health 2007

November 4-7, 2007
Marriott Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario

The conference, entitled Global Change and Health: Who Are the Vulnerable? will focus on threats to health from these changes, factors increasing vulnerability, and ways of responding to challenges, and their results. There is increasing recognition that the impact of human activity is reshaping our world:

  • Ecological systems that support life and have evolved over millennia are being dramatically affected by increases in greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, extreme weather events, and the loss of ecological biodiversity with potentially dramatic implications for global health.
  • Changes in land use, deforestation, use and transnational dumping of toxic substances and antimicrobials are introducing new health risks.
  • Social systems that support equitable distribution are being undermined by the globalized economy. Government's role in providing essential health and education services and infrastructure is being diminished while growing populations face increasing poverty.
  • Poverty has grown, and the disparity between the poor and the few with unprecedented wealth leaves an increasingly marginalized middle class and accelerates transnational and national inequalities with implications for social determinants of health and emerging epidemics.
  • Global Governance must address these challenges with policies and programs even as global health funding is increasingly derived from private philanthropy that is essentially outside of publicly accountable governance structures.

The call for abstracts is available at or by email via The deadline is May 30th, 2007.