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New Resources from The Health Communication Uit

Visit our website at and check out our newest resources:

  • Implementing THCU's Six Step Health Promotion Planning Model is a series
    of case studies where the planning of actual health promotion programs
    is described using our six-step process.
  • In our most recent What We're Reading column
    we review articles from the Journal of Health Communication, Vol
  • Implementing THCU's 10 Step Evaluation Model is our new series of case
    studies where actual campaign evaluation is described using our process.

THCU provides free consultation, training, and resources to Ontario-focused organizations. Our goal is to increase the capacity of community and public health
agencies to plan for, conduct, and evaluate a wide range of health
promotion programs
(within a comprehensive and population-based approach).

For more information, visit our website at the link above or contact us at (416) 978-0522 or