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Health Council of Canada Lessons for Diabetes Online Consultation

The Health Council of Canada invites you to participate in an important online consultation based on the findings of our recent report, Why Health Care Renewal Matters: Lessons from Diabetes.

We want to hear from Canadians with and without chronic health conditions such as diabetes. We have some ideas that we would like you to consider. We want to know if you think that our proposed changes will make a difference.

The online consultation runs from March 5 to April 15. Visit to share your ideas and make a contribution.  On the website you will be able to participate in different ways:

  1. The Diabetes Choicebook - learn about different options and set your priorities. You be the decision maker!
  2. Share your stories/ideas - share your experiences on what works well and what doesn't. See what others have to say in the story reading room.
  3. View the webcast - see what the Health Council of Canada has reported about the future of diabetes and the need for action.
  4. Download the report Why Health Care Renewal Matters: Lessons from Diabetes - review what the Health Council of Canada says about the future of chronic illness in Canada.