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Gateways to Cancer Screening: A Participatory Needs Assessment of Women with Mobility Disabilities

Women with disabilities have the same biological risks as other women for developing breast, cervical and colorectal cancer, yet these women are routinely under-screened. The current research indicates that barriers to effective screening for women with disabilities include lack of knowledge among these women of the need for preventive screening, neglect on the part of healthcare providers, and physical access barriers (Nosek, Young and Rintala, 1995; Welner, 1998).

The prior research, while providing convincing testimonials as to the experiences of women with disabilities, has failed to capture the diversity that exists, nor reflect the experiences of women with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.

The goal of this project is to determine the cancer screening needs of women with mobility disabilities and the gaps and barriers associated with accessing these services.  This will be situated within an urban Canadian centre and we will strive to reflect its demographic and experiential diversity.

Please post this Call for Participants flyer in your agency or send it to colleagues who work with women who have mobility disabilities.

If interested please contact Tara Geraghty, Community Outreach and Research Coordinator for the project, at (416) 440-3330 x241 or