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Pesticide By-laws: Making Them Work Webinar

12 noon Eastern Time

Since 2001, more than 121 Canadian municipalities have adopted by-laws to reduce the cosmetic use of pesticides on residential properties, and are now faced with the challenge of having them enforced and respected by citizens and lawncare companies. The speaker has helped over 30 municipalities develop tools and practices to overcome the barriers to adoption. The combination of by-laws with warning letters and escalating fines, and home visits with horticultural tips has enabled these communities to reduce pesticide use by up to 90%. Find out how they do it.

Presenter: Micheline Lévesque, President, Alternative Environmental Solutions

Participants will view the PowerPoint presentation using their web browsers while listening on their telephones to the presentation. Since the presentation is live, participants can ask questions, make comments and exchange advice, all without leaving their offices. The cost is US$ 45 per connection and there's no limit on how many participants can use the same connection.    

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