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March and April Walk This Way Orientation Sessions from PARC

Throughout March and April, The Physical Activity Resource Centre will be providing free in-person and e-workshop sessions designed for new and current community leaders who are interested in Walk This Way (WTW) and in receiving copies of the free resource to distribute in their community.

WTW is a self-help kit designed to assist adults, of all ages, in beginning and adhering to a walking regimen. This resource will assist adults in increasing their level physical activity and contribute to the promotion of healthy weights and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Topics discussed in the workshops will include

  • Application Process
  • Orientation to the WTW Resource
  • Communication Support Materials
  • Tracking & Evaluation
  • Incentives
  • PARC Consultations & Training
  • Networking

The in-person workshops will include opportunities for physical activity promoters to network and learn from each other's experiences about promoting and implementing walking programs in different communities, and with additional audiences including First Nations, primary care and workplaces. Each session will be tailored to registrants needs and lunch/snacks will be included.

The E-workshop is designed for community leaders who are interested in participating in Walk This Way and receiving copies of the resource to distribute in their community. The application process, orientation to the resource, and tracking and evaluation protocols will be reviewed.

For details on dates and locations, and to register, visit