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Oh Canada! Too Many Children Live In Poverty For Too Long!

From Campaign 2000, this is the 2006 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada. 

Report Contents

  • It's Time to Honour Canada's Commitment to Children
  • Child Poverty Rates Vary Across Canada
  • Are Some Children More Vulnerable to Poverty?
  • How Poor is the Average Low Income Family?
  • Is a Job the Best Pathway out of Poverty?
  • Government Programs Do Help Reduce Child Poverty
  • Is the Gap between Poor Families and Rich Families Widening?
  • Early Learning and Child Care: Still Struggling for a Universal System
  • Needed: Sustained Action Against Child Poverty in First Nations and Aboriginal communities
  • Affordable Housing: Still No National Strategy
  • Working Together on a Poverty Reduction Strategy for Canada
  • How is Canada doing in meeting 1989 unanimous resolution to end child poverty, and its international commitments including UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?