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New Summary Statements Related to Cancer Prevention and Early Detection proudly releases 35 new summary statements related to cancer prevention and early detection. Summary statements provide an overview of research syntheses and are divided into five distinct sections: 1) an overview of the review content including details of the findings, the population, the interventions evaluated, and outcomes; 2) the quality of the review; 3) the significance of the health issue/problem for the Canadian public health system; 4) a summary of the results and implications for policy and practice; and 5) additional relevant sources of quality evidence and resources. The majority of the summary statements have been written from systematic reviews of strong methodological quality.

Topic Areas

  • Cancer Screening
  • HPV-Cervical Cancer Prevention
  • Risk Factors (Physical Inactivity, Nutrition, Tobacco, Obesity)

If you are interested in authoring a future summary statement or have any questions about this process, please contact Paula Robeson at