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Report: Why Health Care Renewal Matters: Lessons from Diabetes

The report, Why Health Care Renewal Matters: Lessons from Diabetes, looks at what we know about the best ways to manage chronic conditions and measures that against the way we currently treat diseases, using type 2 diabetes as a case study. The report explores how shifting the focus of health care can have a profound, positive impact on health outcomes and on the lives of Canadians, while also helping ensure the sustainability of our health care system for future generations.

The Health Council examined research on diabetes care in Canada and around the world and concluded that we need to adopt new and better ways of delivering care, including the use of health care teams; comprehensive electronic patient records; and setting targets to improve the quality of care. We need to provide better care to high-risk populations, including First Nations people, low-income Canadians and people who belong to particular ethnic groups. And we need to coordinate sustained action on prevention.

The full report (PDF) on health outcomes, backgrounders and other material can be downloaded at