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Community Host and Office Administrator, Centre for Social Innovation

Community Host and Office Administrator

Position Type: Full Time
Job Region: Toronto
Application Deadline: May 11, 2007
Job Start Date: June 15, 2007
Salary: $32,000-$35,000

About the Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation is a convergence hub for Toronto's nonprofit and social sector - a place where innovative individuals and organizations come together to ignite and advance new ideas that can, and are, changing the world!  
We do this by creating and offering workspace, shared services, innovative programming and support to social innovators and their projects.  Working together, we reduce costs, increase access to services, provide beautiful space, and build networks and support for the work of Toronto's social mission sector.

About the Centre for Social Innovation's Community Host and Office Administrator

The Centre for Social Innovation seeks an extraordinary individual who brings solid administrative skills and a positive attitude to a demanding and dynamic work environment. The office administrator is part host, part office manager, part receptionist, part bookkeeper, part triage nurse, part social networker and full-time agent for change! She/he  will report to the Executive Director and will be responsible for handling the day-to-day administration and management of the space, the Centre's programs and incubated projects. S/he will also support the tenant use of the space and will assist in the smooth delivery of the events within the boardroom. Additionally, the Coordinator will provide book keeping and administrative support to the ED and the board of directors as needed.

Work Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the day-to-day operations to ensure that the tenants are happy;
  • Liaising and negotiating with suppliers and vendors;
  • Liaising with bookkeepers, accountants and other professionals
  • Trouble-shooting technical and administrative problems;
  • Ensuring that all of the shared amenities are operating smoothly;
  • Acting as reception as necessary, and providing front-line communications with those interested in the work of the Centre;
  • Maintaining CSI administrative files and record-keeping;
  • Coordinating and working with the building staff and owner;
  • Providing administrative support to the Executive Director;
  • Ensuring project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.
  • Fill coffee, emptying dishwashers, cleaning up spills and enforcing recycling;
  • Set up boardroom as needed (it can get physical!)
  • Bookkeeping and financial administration including:
  • Ensuring accurate invoicing and processing of expenses and revenues
  • Tracking and reporting organizational expenses on a monthly basis
  • Monitoring accounts receivable
  • Coordinating payroll for CSI staff
  • Support of financial administration for CSI incubated projects.
  • Other duties as required.

Fun Responsibilities:

  • Brightening people's days
  • Building social networks
  • Developing new systems for a new administration model
  • Creating a culture of openness and sharing


No attitude! This is a customer service position and we are looking for people who want to serve the social mission sector with a smiling face and enduring patience. The ideal candidate will also possess:

  • Superior people skills
  • Superior administrative and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Low-stress attitude in a complex and multi-tasking environment
  • Familiarity with and interest in the non-profit and progressive sector in Toronto
  • Experience doing book keeping and financial administration
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes...

A great sense of humour - seriously you will need a great sense of humour because inevitably something will go wrong.

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly support applications from diverse backgrounds and communities.

We thank all applicants but only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Contact by Email or Post

Maria Pazo
Office Coordinator
Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Ave, Suite 120
Toronto, ON  M5T 2C7

For more information about the Centre for Social Innovation visit: