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School4Civics from the Maytree Foundation

The Maytree Foundation is launching School4Civics, a non-partisan, practical, hands-on training program aimed at building the capacity of leaders committed to making progressive social change within the civic and political process.

School4Civics will train and mentor promising leaders from diverse communities with tried and true strategies for advocating for issues, organizing campaigns or becoming candidates for public office. Training will include articulating and communicating your messages, public speaking, media relations, fundraising for campaigns, building coalitions, and balancing personal and public life. Training will be delivered in skills building workshops, through case studies featuring guest speakers, collaborative action, online learning, and peer coaching with support from experts in the field.

The School4Civics will use the upcoming provincial election in October 2007 as a key opportunity to apply program learning. Beyond 2007 the school will focus on electoral opportunities in the 2010 municipal elections.

There is no cost to participate in the program.

Learn more about the School4Civics and application details at