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Awards from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Ontario Senior Achievement Award
Deadline June 15, 2007
The Ontario Senior Achievement Award honours those who have made outstanding contributions to their communities after turning 65.  Who can receive this award?
Anyone who lives in Ontario, and has made a significant contribution over the age of 65. Achievements in many fields would qualify, for example Arts/Literature, Community Service/Voluntarism, Education, Environment/Science, Fitness/Recreation/Sport, Humanitarian Activities, and Keeping History Alive/

Lincoln M. Alexander Award
Deadline May 31, 2007
The Lincoln M. Alexander Award honours youth who have worked to eliminate racial discrimination in Ontario. This award was first given in 1993. There are three award--two community awards and a student award. Full-time students who attend senior high school or who will be going to into a post-secondary education program can be nominated for the Student Award by their schools.  Anyone who lives in Ontario and is between 16 and 25 years old can be nominated for the Community Award by a community organization or agency that works in the field of race relations.

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