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Active 2010, Ontario’s Sport and Physical Activity Strategy

"ACTIVE2010 seeks to continue development of amateur sport and increase physical activity rates within the province. The strategy is a multi-faceted approach that involves government leadership and stakeholder participation in order to achieve a number of common goals. It encompasses an integrated approach to delivering affordable, accessible and sustainable programs and services that lead to long-term solutions.

"ACTIVE2010 is about working together to develop a sport and physical activity system that will improve the health and quality of life of all Ontarians. Attention will be focused where the greatest benefits can be realized.

"ACTIVE2010 will seek to influence specific target populations to encourage them to participate more regularly in sport and physical activity.

"ACTIVE2010 has been built on collaboration. It has been developed on the premise that no one sector can bring about significant change in Ontario alone. It will require the collective action of provincial organizations, stakeholder groups and countless communities and volunteers across Ontario."

[from ACTIVE2010 Strategy, at the above URL]