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Community-University Partnerships: What Do We Know?

Holland BA, Gelmon S, Green LW, Greene-Moton E,Stanton TK, "Community-University Partnerships: Translating Evidence into Action", prepared for Discussion at A National Symposium Jointly Sponsored by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health and HUD's Office of University Partnerships, Saturday, April 26, 2003, San Diego, CA

"The goals of the symposium are to

  • Disseminate the findings of national multi-site evaluations of community-university and other community-institutional partnerships;
  • Explore multiple sets of evidence-based principles and best practices for communityuniversity partnerships;
  • Facilitate the ability of community-university partnerships to translate these principles and
  • best practices into actions at the local level;
  • Develop an agenda for future research and policy development on community-university
  • partnerships;
  • Strengthen the roles of both universities and communities in the research and evaluation
  • components of community-university partnerships; and
  • Foster a multi-disciplinary, university-wide approach to community partnerships that includes undergraduate, graduate and professional programs

"We have asked the plenary speakers to prepare brief reports framed around a set of
questions designed to provoke thought, discussion and action on the part of all
participants. This pre-conference document is a compilation of these reports." [from "Symposium Overview," at the above URL]