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RFP--Youth Advocacy Training Institute Adult and Youth Learning Module Development, The Lung Association

The Lung Association's Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI) is currently accepting proposals to develop 4 separate 3 hour learning modules.  These modules are divided into adult trainings and youth trainings.

Adult Training Module Topics
a) Recruitment of Hard to Reach Youth as employees, volunteers andtarget audience
b) Current stressors affecting Ontario Adolescents and tools on how to address them
c) Advanced Group facilitation--specifically for working with groups of youth

Youth Training Module Topic
a)  Recruiting & Retaining youth volunteers

For a complete copy of the RFP please visit

Please submit your proposals to develop any or all of these learning
workshops by 5:00 p.m., Friday August 17, 2007.

All proposals must be submitted in PDF format to Ratsamy Pathammavong at the
email address listed below.

Ratsamy Pathammavong, MSc.
Tobacco Control Manager
Phone: 416-864-9911 x284