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New Resource--Maternity Matters, Addressing the Maternity Care Crisis in Canada

Governments, health authorities, physicians and nurses tend to think of recent changes in
maternity care as a human resource problem because there are fewer experts to provide
care. But maternity matters in Canada for many more reasons. Not only do women have
difficulty finding supportive, attentive, respectful care providers close to home. Women
also need care providers who use what we already know from research and experience
about what helps and what harms women and their babies.

In this document you will find a discussion of issues and trends and an examination of
what evidence there is about the best possible ways to care for pregnant and birthing women.

Free hard copies of the booklet are available (Canadian residents only) from or 1-888-818-9172.

Please allow six weeks for shipping and be sure to provide us with the number of copies requested and a complete mailing address, including postal code. (US residents add $10US for shipping and handling, and international residents add $15US  -- to be paid in advance).

The full text of *Maternity Matters* from Women and Health Care Reform is available online at