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Supporting Trauma Survivors - Essential Skills for Frontline Workers

Sudbury Regional Hospital Mental Health and Addictions Program is Proud to Present
Supporting Trauma Survivors - Essential Skills for Frontline Workers

"'What Can I do?' was answered for me, I feel more confident." - past participant
Workshop Name:  "Armed and Not Dangerous!"
When:  September 27th, 28th (Thursday - Friday)  9:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m.
Where: 126 Cedar St., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Webpage:  'Armed And Not Dangerous' Sudbury

For All Frontline Workers:
You are any helping professional where your clients often have trauma issues, a shelter, housing, O.W., ODSP or social worker, therapist, correctional officer, mental health, Children's Aid, psychologist, occupational therapist, teacher, probation officer, professor, student, EAP professional ...

This inspiring and energizing two day journey clearly identifies the multi-dimensional impacts of trauma, with particular emphasis on interpersonal relationships, the experience  of grief and loss, feeling identification, tolerance and regulation.   Client behaviours typically named as difficult and self-destructive will take on new meaning, as we unpack the positive intentions behind the behaviour and help client's consider healthier alternatives.  The process also connects the personal wisdom of the trauma survivor with the professional practice of the front line worker.  Tom Regehr, a founder of CAST Canada, a consumer, trauma survivor and winner of the CAMH's 2007 Courage To Come Back Award, and LaRee Walters-Boadway, registered social worker and trauma counsellor, join together in supporting helping professionals working with trauma survivors answer the question: "What Can I Do?"

Participants will ...

  • understand how to utilize the helping relationship to facilitate meaningful therapeutic change
  • learn concrete tools for helping their clients manage trauma symptoms differently    
  • witness candid personal reflections on the experience of trauma healing and how it connects (and sometimes disconnects) with contemporary counselling approaches
  • come away with an empirically sound framework that simplifies counselling work often described as complex
  • leave with a  stance that appreciates client resistance, resilience and resolve and that assumes dignity and respect

Goal:  You will feel more effective and comfortable in your choices around trauma,  loss, boundaries and goal setting etc. You will receive concrete, appropriate tools for your work environment.

" This training gave me the freedom to act."
" .... gave me the wherewithal to meet the issues at hand."  -- past participants

Cost:   $250 +gst = $265 per person - Students, ask about the 'Helpers Discount'.

For full details, agenda, maps etc., please visit
Workshop Designer & Main Presenter:
LaRee Walters-Boadway
BA Psych, U of Guelph, MSW, RSW - University of Toronto,
Co-Founder of "Seeking Connection" Group
Founder of "Seeking Connection for Kids" (0 -12)
Laree has extensive experience working with trauma survivors, is a well known innovator of new programs, and is presently in private practice working with individuals and families.  She has a passion for helping frontline workers understand that there are things one can do that are helpful for the client, even in shelters or other short-term helping relationships.  For a full bio, please see the website.