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Having refined the search process and enhanced the breadth of "Obesity" and "Social Determinants of Health" search strategies we have retrieved and appraised our largest update so far! We are pleased to provide 170 new references to systematic reviews and meta-analyses, of which 100 were assessed as being of Strong methodological quality.  To access the new references, or any of our 1068 registry references, please visit

We are also working in collaboration with the National Collaborating Centre--Environmental Health, and Aboriginal Health to facilitate access to reviews and primary literature in these fields. Stay tuned for further updates on this work in the coming months.

To ensure the registry's maintenance with the most current and methodologically rigorous review articles, our updating activities will begin again shortly. We look forward to providing public health practitioners and decision-makers with a subsequent registry update as of November 2007.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated, so please contact us at