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September 2007 Issue of CCAHTE Journal

The Canadian Creative Arts in Health Training and Education Journal is pleased to announce you will find your new free September 07 issue of CCAHTE Journal, "Honouring
the Extraordinary Ordinary,"  available at (link opens PDF file; issue is 32 pages so please allow enough time for downloading [approximately one minute];  best viewed at 125%).
Inside this issue you will find

  • Featured Artist Article--Carl Leggo Ph.D., Poet and Educator, University of British Columbia,  Living Poetically Pensées on Literacy and Health
  • Publisher's Student Submission  Support Program 2007 Papers
  • Featured Research Paper--Nicole Koziel, University of Toronto, Quality of Life and Mental Health Outcomes Workman Arts
  • Autobiographical Narrative--Jadranka Novosel, University of British Columbia, The Death of My Young Husband from Cancer...A Love Story
  • Autobiographical Narrative/Case Study
  • articles, research, and stories
  • as well as faculty positions, employment news, and new health related course offerings

Visit the CCAHTE Journal website at