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New Website--Parents Matter from FRP Canada

The Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) is pleased to announce the launch of Parents Matter,, a new web site for parents and those who work with them. This site is also the home of the Making Choices Parenting Program Inventory.

The parent-child relationship is the most powerful influence on child development. The new Parents Matter site will help by providing

  • Resources for parents
  • Links to useful sites and materials
  • Resources for parent educators and family resource practitioners
  • Directories of family resource programs and parenting programs

The Making Choices Parenting Program Inventory, with descriptions of over 80 parenting programs, is a key feature of the Parents Matter site. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find out and compare details like program objectives, target audiences, costs, training options, and contact information. This interactive database also allows you to read user ratings and comments that will help you to make an informed choice about which parenting program will suit your needs.