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Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, Parent Action on Drugs

Parent Action on Drugs is seeking the services of a Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant (English and French) to support the development of health promotion tools and resources for a two-year project called "Check It Out/ À Voir: A Peer-Led Health Promotion Project to Increase Awareness of Lifestyle Factors and the Risk for Breast Cancer with Young Women, ages 16-20 in Ontario."

The person selected will act as the bilingual consultant to a partnership of health promoters with specialties in nutrition, physical activity and alcohol, as well as women living with breast cancer and young women who represent the community of interest. The partnership will develop and test communication materials with women in the target age group, as well as develop and deliver a training program for peer-led health promotion projects in four regions in the province in secondary school settings and campus settings. Everything developed will be bilingual for French and English.
As well, an evaluation strategy will guide the development and implementation of evaluation tools for all resources and activities in all regions. Again, tools will be in both languages.

The project's time span is from December 2007 till December 2009 and the work of the consultant will be related to the delivery of certain tasks as well as general support for the bilingual nature of the project.
Specifically, the person chosen will be expected to:

  • Identify the process for focus testing with Francophone groups
  • Identify the process for regional peer trainings for Francophone groups in fall 2008
  • Follow through with ethical review process where necessary for school boards/ post secondary institutions
  • Support the process of developing French resources
  • Test communication concepts and designs in GTA with Francophone community of interest
  • Participate in evaluation process with Evaluation consultant
  • Implement/oversee focus test workshop (training day) in Francophone sites (two in Sudbury/ one in Ottawa)
  • Participate in reporting for year one and two

Participate in team meetings/teleconferences (in English)

  • As well, the person must have excellent communication skills in English and French and be able to travel within Ontario.
  • Experience with youth is an asset.
  • Experience with training and social marketing is an asset.

There is an assigned budget per year for this role.

Interested parties should reply no later than 5:00 p.m., Thursday, December 13 to Diane Buhler at Parent Action on Drugs,, with a brief two-page resume of their skills and past accomplishments to demonstrate their ability to support this project. Any questions about this call or the project should go to Diane or Pat Sanagan, Project Coordinator, (519) 797-1489 or

The person selected will be notified by Monday, December 17 and must be available for a first meeting by teleconference with the project staff that week at a mutually agreed upon time.

PAD thanks all parties for their interest in this call.