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Bellwood Health Services Eating Disorder Workshop

Bellwood Health Services is hosting Dr. Joan Johnston for an Eating Disorder Workshop.

Dr. Johnston is a Canadian family physician from Edmonton, Alberta, who specializes in working with individuals afflicted with eating disorders.  Dr. Johnston's mission is to bring awareness about eating disorders and educate others about recovery.  She brings both her own compelling story and her extensive clinical experience to share with her audience.

February 4, 2008
An Eating Disorders Community Awareness Evening
This community-focused presentation will be of interest and practical help to those affected by an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive overeating), families and friends, educators, the general public, and anyone working with individuals struggling with an eating disorder.  This community-focused event is available at no Charge. For more information see brochure or contact Bellwood Health Services.

February 5, 2008
Eating Disorders As Addiction
Dr. Johnston will examine eating disorders from a novel perspective, showing how they can be viewed as similar in many respects to chemical dependency.  This skills training workshop will discuss how to approach these disorders using the Addiction Model, demonstrate how the 12-Step model can be utilized for the recovery of these disorders, and provide practical treatment techniques for eating disorders.  This clinical workshop has been approved for 6 core credit hours from the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.

Registration fee includes continental breakfast and break refreshments.  For more information contact Bellwood Health Services at (416) 495-0926 or