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Authentic Leadership in Action

The Shambhala Institute aspires to be a resource for networks of leaders in Ontario who are catalyzing the kind of impact needed to move the region's organizations and communities toward a vital and sustainable future. Their intention is to provide a meeting-place for people and ideas at the frontier of organizational and social innovation.

The scale and complexity of today's challenges require new approaches to leadership, strategy, and innovation. As leaders we are being asked to change not only what we do, but how we think, take in information, and navigate shifting paradigms. This three-day intensive will increase your capacity to transform these pressures into learning and growth. You will gain practical skills needed to be more effective in the organizational and societal environments of today. Choose one of the following high-quality modules as your focus. The program also includes plenary sessions, creative process, meditation, reflective dialogue, and opportunities for networking and celebration. Guest presenters include Peter Senge and Michael Jones.

Save $300 off the full fee by registering on or before February 1st; scholarships and non-profit discounts are also available. Sponsored by the Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership. For more information contact Ryan Watson by email, call (902) 425-0492, or visit the website at