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New Issue of Wellspring                
Obesity prevention and treatment have traditionally been seen as separate areas with separate goals.  However, reaching common ground between these two areas can help individuals and families either prevent weight gain or help them lose or manage weight. This article focuses on the following main topics:

  • Childhood obesity prevention initiatives.
  • Two treatment approaches: a) The traditional clinical approach: Focusing on weight as an individual issue and b) Beyond the clinic: Bridging the gap between clinic and community.

2008 Physical Activity Forum
Find out about the Centre's next Physical Activity Forum, Preventing Childhood Obesity: Big-Picture Strategies, at

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Canadian Health Network
After January 15, 2008, read our feature article, "Revving up inside: Ideas for indoor winter activities" or listen to its podcast on The Alberta Centre for Active Living is the Active Living Affiliate for the Canadian Health Network.

WinterActive Winter Walk Day
On February 6, 2008, take time to walk to school, to work, around the neighbourhood, to a friend's house or with your family and friends. Schools, individuals, or community or work groups can preregister at A package full of ideas and tips will be sent to you. Schools will receive a participant award for students.

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