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Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition Services

Consultation and Facilitation Services

OHCC provides consultations and facilitates meetings for community coalitions and not-for-profit organizations, addressing social, economic and environmental determinants of health within a multi-sector community context. 

Training Services

(a)    Regional/provincial training workshops--In collaboration with member organizations, these workshops draw participants from different organizations and sectors and from various locations.
(b)    Group training workshops --on-site for board members, staff and volunteers of organizations, coalitions or networks who are interested in Healthy Community initiative.
(c)    Individual training for key personnel/volunteers involved in Healthy Community initiatives.
(d)    On-line courses and seminars--self-directed courses that have been developed collaboratively with other organizations.
    i) Health Promotion 101 ( --developed by the Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centre
    ii) Online Proposal Writing Course ( collaboration of OHCC and The Healthy Communications Unit (THCU)
    iii) Webinars ( seminars using web/teleconferencing) provide an opportunity to discuss questions arising from on-line courses material, or to provide information and facilitated discussion of the workshops.