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Letters to the Editor and News from the Field: January 2008

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A Letters

1 Update from the Ontario Tobacco-free Network for National Non-Smoking Week

Dear OHPE Subscribers:

There's no doubt our efforts are creating change. The prevalence of smoking in Ontario is down from 23% in 2000 to 16.6% in 2006. However, across the province we continue to strive towards important new frontiers in tobacco control. The Ontario Tobacco-free Network (OTN), one of several groups, provides support to reach some of them.
Working together, the members and partners of the OTN ( work to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco use by supporting a province-wide network of tobacco-free councils that implement local tobacco control activities. A key focal point for these activities is National Non-Smoking Week ( (NNSW), January 20-26 in 2008.

During NNSW and into 2008 local tobacco-free councils will be implementing activities to address key current issues in tobacco control. For example, activities in support of Bill 11 ( entitled Protecting Children and Youth from Second-Hand Smoke in Automobiles Act, 2007. This Private Member's Bill will amend the Smoke-Free Ontario Act to include banning smoking in vehicles carrying children under the age of 16.

Additionally, local councils in collaboration with Youth Action Alliances (YAAs) and Tobacco Control Area Networks (TCANs) are planning "Youth Have the Power: Out of Sight / Out of Mind" events. These events will take place at local games and consist of staged hockey shootouts against a net blocked by a mock tobacco power wall display. The shootouts aim to raise awareness about the tobacco products display ban coming into force on May 31st.

Local councils continue to gather key information and in some cases conduct awareness campaigns on escalating issues such as smoke-free housing (; smoke-free sports and smoke-free recreation; and others. The OTN leads the way in helping councils develop this body of knowledge through topic specific regional retreats and an upcoming provincial conference. 

If you'd like more information or would like to become involved in your local tobacco-free council (, please contact Robin Reece at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario 416-489-7111 ext.300 or email at

Additional Resources:

Robin Reece, OTN Contact, Southwest Region

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B News from the Field

1 News from Knowledge Ontario

The Board of Directors of Knowledge Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of David Thornley as it's first full time Executive Director effective January 21, 2008.  Having worked in both government and the voluntary sector, David brings a broad range of experience that includes: co-founding both advocacy and service-based organisations, developing policy research agendas, leading change management processes, and guiding and facilitating numerous province-wide consultations with diverse sets of stakeholders.  We are pleased to welcome David to the Knowledge Ontario team.

We wish also to acknowledge the outstanding contribution, vision and dedication of Gerda Molson who has served us as Interim Executive Director since the Spring of 2005.  She will continue to work with us in other capacities.

Knowledge Ontario (KO) is a collaboration of libraries, cultural heritage organizations and educational institutions. Its focus is on connecting Ontarians with digital content to support their information and learning needs. KO delivers enhanced services to and through the province's publicly funded libraries by supporting equity of access to information, creation of digital content, research and literacy.

[Source: For the complete announcement, visit]

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2 Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network Appoints Special Advisor on Health Equity

Board Chair Mohamed Dhanani announced the secondment of Bob Gardner, PH.D., as Special Advisor, Health Equity, to the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) for a three-month period, beginning December 1, 2007.        

The Toronto Central LHIN health equity framework will serve as a guide to decision-making at the LHIN and will assist health service providers in formulating their own plans. In September, the board directed hospitals within Toronto Central LHIN to prepare Health Equity Plans for submission to the LHIN by October 1, 2008.

[Source: For the complete announcement, visit]

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3 CAAWS Names 2007 List -- Most Influential Women in Sport and Physical Activity

The list is compiled by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) and recognizes women who have made a significant impact as academics, athletes, administrators, advocates, broadcasters, coaches, executives, fundraisers, managers, politicians, physicians, and volunteers.  While many of the women named have had significant careers, the selection to the list reflects their influential activity in the calendar year 2007.

The 2007 Most Influential Women (in alphabetical order) are Cassie Campbell, Calgary, Alberta; Polly Craik, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Charmaine Crooks, Vancouver, British Columbia; Sheilagh Croxon, Toronto, Ontario; Melody Davidson, Calgary, Alberta; Guylaine Demers, Québec City, Québec; The Honourable Helena Guergis, Angus, Ontario; Silken Laumann, Victoria, British Columbia; Nancy Lee, Vancouver, British Columbia; Pat Messner, Carleton Place, Ontario; Margo Mountjoy, Guelph, Ontario; Kelly Murumets, Toronto, Ontario; Carla Qualtrough, Vancouver, British Columbia; Sheryn Posen, Toronto, Ontario; Cathy Priestner Allinger, Vancouver, British Columbia; Sara Renner, Canmore, Alberta; Jane Roos, Toronto, Ontario; Teresa Schlachter, Calgary, Alberta; Beckie Scott, Panorama, British Columbia; and Hailey Wickenheiser, Calgary, Alberta.

"Ones to Watch": Kimberly Keba, Milton, Ontario; Sara Nicholls, Ottawa, Ontario; and
Kristen Worley, Toronto, Ontario.

Many of the women named to the CAAWS list were nominated by colleagues and the general public.  The final list was compiled by the CAAWS selection panel from both public nominations, and contributions from knowledgeable sport and physical activity leaders. The panel reviewed the submissions and based its decision on the scope of activities in the 2007 calendar year.

Photos and individual bios are available at:

[Source: For the complete announcement, see]

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4 Janice MacAulay Is Named FRP Canada's New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada) has named Janice MacAulay to the position of Executive Director. "Janice's experience as the association's Director of Policy and Research will be invaluable," says Board President Rod O'Driscoll. "She worked closely with our former Executive Director, David Young, to develop the many exciting projects for which we have recently received funding. She will be guiding the organization through a very active period, building on FRP Canada's 32-year history of providing national leadership, consultation and resources to those who care for children and support families."

[Source: For the complete announcement, visit (link opens PDF file).]

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5 Appointments Noted in Community Action Online

  • Lorraine Katanik, Interim Executive Director, ONESTEP, Toronto.
  • Janet Lambert, Executive Director, Ontario Long Term Care Association, Toronto.
  • Nilda Patey, Executive Director, Social Services Network, York Region.
  • Carmen Tsin, Human Relations Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto.

[Source: Community Action Online, January 23, 2008,]

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6 People on the Move from CharityVillage

  • The board of directors of the Ontario Hospital Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Closson to the position of president and CEO. Previously, Clossen has been president and CEO of University Health Network, Capital Health Region, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.
  • Social Services Network York Region welcomes Nilda Patey who joined the organization in December as executive director.
  • David Cutler, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA), announced that Janet Lambert will assume the position of OLTCA's executive director.
  • Effective January 21st, 2008, Carmen Tsin, CHRP, formally with Sandgate Women's Shelter of Georgina, will be the new human relations manager at Canadian Mental Health Association, York Region.

For more people on the move in the not-for-profit sector, visit