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Manager, Health Promotion, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Status: 2 Year Contract
Reports To: Director of Allocations and Health Promotion, Ontario Region
Start Date: February 2008

Established in 1986, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is the leading national volunteer-based organization in Canada dedicated to creating a future without breast cancer.

At an operational level, the Foundation carries out its work across Canada through the efforts of its five business units and their staff and volunteer resources:  four regional offices in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Prairies/NWT and BC/Yukon, and one Central Office in Toronto.   Each of the five business units of the Foundation has defined roles and responsibilities within a shared-services organizational structure, maximizing operational efficiencies and delivery of consistent nation-wide messaging.   The Central Office is responsible for delivering a range of services on behalf of the Foundation as a whole, with particular attention to IT, Finance, HR and Run.  The Regional offices provide the leadership and service delivery regarding the Foundation's cause-related work.   The Foundation's organizational structure allow for any business unit to provide services to the Foundation as a whole, based on a ‘centre of excellence approach.   

The organization is led operationally by the CEOs of the five business units, who form the Executive Management Team, which has collective responsibility for nation-wide work.  

The National Board's health promotion priority confirmed in June 2007 indicates that health promotion planning that involves participation across all business units of the Foundation as a whole is led by BC/Yukon and Ontario Regions through a planning team process including membership from each business unit.  Health promotion and cause-related content support services are delivered to the Central Office by Ontario Region, within the context of the overall planning framework.

Position Summary:   

The Manager, Health Promotion - Service Delivery will be responsible for managing the service delivery requirements of the Foundation's Central Office.  This will include managing the development, implementation and evaluation of the current health promotion and cause-related content support needs of the Central Office (with special attention to the Marketing & Communication (M&C), Funds Development and Run departments), as well as any new initiatives requiring service delivery emerging from the Foundation's National Board mandated Health Promotion initiative.

Note:  While the role is in support of Central Office projects and initiatives, all cause-related support and messages will ensure a nation-wide perspective and reflect nation-wide content.


Health promotion/cause-related content support

a)  Fundraising:

  • Develops, reviews and manages the approval process for breast health and cause-related content for Central Office Fund Development strategies such as direct response, Run creative and cause-marketing materials. This process includes providing front-end input and strategy to develop cause-related content ideas, reviewing draft content or writing new content for integration in a particular piece as well as providing final sign-off on all health promotion and cause related content.  (It is understood that a fundraising-focused ‘voice' or style may be required for key materials, thus the role of the Manager is to ensure front-end input, support, writing only as required, and review of other writers' materials for content accuracy (as opposed to fundraising strategy or style.)   
  • Serves as a resource regarding funds development activities as related to the cause in all areas (e.g. support to content element of Run Director Training).
  • Develops, reviews and approves breast health and breast cancer content for Central Office-specific and nation-wide corporate sponsorship opportunities (i.e. content for corporate web sites and other collateral).
  • Supports the creation of appropriate cause-related presentations to Central Office or national audiences (e.g. corporate partner forum, etc.), building from initiatives across the country.
  • Supports and initiates the development of materials/resources that can be sold to corporate sponsors.
  • Initiates and leads the development of other cause-related resources as needed.

b) Marketing and Communications

  • Develops, confirms and updates all breast cancer/cause-related content for the Foundation-wide website, according to the protocols developed with M&C at Central Office.  Works with content writers/other subject matter experts as required to ensure content accuracy.  
  • Acts as a resource to the Central Office's M&C staff as well (as to the nation-wide M&C staff team as required) with respect to cause-related content in communications and marketing materials including, but not limited to speeches, letters, media kits, etc. for spokespeople representing the Foundation (National Board, senior staff, etc.)
  • Provides input/reviews/creates cause-related content with respect to issues management strategies, as part of the CBCF-approved Issues Management Protocol.   
  • Identifies opportunities to highlight and integrate nation-wide shared accomplishments related to health promotion and cause-related content for publication on the Foundation's website, in the newsletter and other materials.   

c) Breast Health resource - Information and referral:

  • Responds to telephone and written inquiries about breast cancer related issues and CBCF charitable initiatives.  Receives inquiries forwarded through the CBCF national website, or by telephone at Central Office.
  • Provides orientation for Central Office (and, as requested, other CBCF) employees to the cause, increasing all employees' understanding of CBCF's cause-related strategies, as well as breast cancer and breast health specifically.
  • Ensures CBCF employee orientation materials on the cause are developed, shared and updated.

CBCF Health Promotion planning and strategy   

  • Participates in and supports the work of the National Board's Health Promotion Planning Team, working closely with colleagues in the BC/Yukon Region on joint projects, and with all key staff in all business units and National Board as required.
  • Acts as a liaison between the National Health Promotion Planning Team and colleagues across the country, articulating the team's direction.
  • Participates in the creation of a public document describing the Foundation's health promotion strategy and its relationship to its vision of a future without breast cancer, as a result of the planning process.
  • Participates in supporting the connection between the health promotion/cause-related content work and the CBCF-wide Brand Strategy project.
  • Initiates the creation of an annual calendar of Central office activities requiring health promotion and other cause-related content approval.
  • Scans the marketplace for successful health promotion ideas and opportunities.

Knowledge transfer - grant allocations content

  • Works collaboratively with Allocations staff across the organization to develop knowledge exchange strategies for a variety of audiences with respect to findings of cause-related investments including community grants, fellowships and research grants.   
  • Identifies appropriate spokespeople and subject matter experts for various CBCF initiatives, from among CBCF-funded grant recipients and advisors
  • Supports the work of the National Board's Allocations Task Force as required
  • Liaises with appropriate staff at CBCRA related to CBCF's investments through CBCRA, to surface appropriate content and messages, integrating this knowledge within the broader context of CBCF's health promotion and cause-related content priorities (works closely with Central Office M&C staff on these issues).
  • Other
  • Supervises project consultants and contract employees as required.
  • Initiates and develops relationships between the Foundation and other organizations, with respect to sharing and promoting best practices.  
  • Remains current on breast health and breast cancer facts, issues and policies.
  • Remains current on best practices in health promotion.
  • Participates in related CBCF, cross-country staff teams (e.g. Issues Management as required, Health Promotion/Allocations staff team).
  • Actively supports the Foundation's culture of health promotion within the context of its mission.
  • Acts as a resource to Regional offices on issues related to focus areas and expertise as needed.
  • Actively supports the Foundation's culture of philanthropy and service delivery within the context of its mission.
  • Performs other duties, as required.


(a)    Internal

  • Works daily with Central Office M&C, Run and Funds Development departments staff teams.
  • Collaborates with Health Promotion and Allocations staff team, Ontario Region.
  • Works closely with Health Promotion, Allocations, M&C and Funds Development and Issues Management staff/teams in business units across the Foundation.
  • Works closely with members of the National Health Promotion Planning Team.

(b)    External

  • Relates to other cancer and health related organizations, as well as with experts in particular fields of endeavor.
  • Works with outside contractors in fulfilling out-sourced components of health promotion projects.
  • Participates on behalf of CBCF on relevant task forces as appropriate, reporting back to the organization on key learnings.

Impact of Errors:

  • Serious loss of trust and credibility of the Foundation as a reliable source of information for the public and the media.
  • Serious damage of organizational image for the Foundation with its volunteers, other stakeholders and the public.
  • Confusion around the Foundation's position on policy issues related to Foundation's cause-related investments.
  • Serious undermining of CEO and/or Board of Director's credibility.
  • Damage of image with donors and resulting loss of funds.

Required Qualifications and Abilities:


  • Master's degree in health promotion, social sciences, including adult education, or public health.
  • Minimum of five years experience in the not-for-profit or charity sector, with background in health promotion, adult education, program & policy development, and project management.
  • Demonstrated experience communicating and writing to a wide range of audiences.
  • Demonstrated strategic planning experience.
  • Experience and knowledge of the principles of health promotion, adult education, community development and social marketing.
  • Demonstrated research experience.
  • Experience in the breast cancer, cancer or the field of women's health.
  • Experience supervising staff or contract employees.
  • Experience working with volunteers and volunteer committees.
  • Demonstrated expertise with budget development, management, analysis and reporting.


  • Collaborative working style, with the ability to work in a team based environment, with cross functional work teams or projects.   
  • Excellent conceptual, analytical and research skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, including presentation skills.
  • Ability to research, distill and convey information in a clear manner.
  • Ability to understand the breast cancer environment and CBCF's role within the field.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Sound judgment and ability to work with diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to build and sustain positive and mutually supportive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to identify and implement solutions and constructively problem-solve.
  • Excellent project planning and organizational skills and ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.
  • Strong computer skills.

Desirable Qualifications and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of French.

Conditions of Employment:

Standard workweek is 35 hours, over 5 days, representing 8 hours at the office daily including a daily one-hour break. Some additional work outside the regular workday is expected for evening and weekend meetings and attendance and participation at special events. CBCF Ontario Region policy on working hours and compensatory time specifies flex-time and compensatory time arrangements.  All employees are guided by this policy.  Occasional travel to other Regional Offices across the country may be required for this position.

To Apply:

This is a contract position located in the CBCF Ontario Regional office in downtown Toronto. CBCF is committed to employment equity and offers a competitive salary.  Please email your resume by February 18, 2008 with a covering letter to the attention of Alison Staples, Senior Manager, Human Resources:   

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
375 University Avenue, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON  M5G 2J5

We thank all applicants for their interest; however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.  No phone calls please.