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Final Update on the “Taking Charge” Project: Alcohol, Young Women and Sexual Assault

After hearing from Ontario girls ages 16-18, professionals who work with these girls, and their parents, the Taking Charge project is ready to present our findings and provide the target groups with resources to increase opportunities to prevent alcohol-related sexual assault and provide effective support if it occurs.

A Learning Teleconference for professionals working with girls in schools, clinics, health centres, girls groups etc. will be presented from 10:00 - 11:00 am. The Taking Charge partners will report on the results of the research and will identify the key findings, plus the unanticipated outcomes that became a focus for the partnership.

Join us to hear what girls had to say about the issues, what professionals had to say about the "duty to report" and what parents had to say about their role in support.

You need to have access to a phone and a computer for an uploaded powerpoint which will guide the discussions. Sites may have many participants, but we are limited in number of sites.  Each site will receive the Taking Charge Tool Kit for Professionals with resources for the audiences to address support and prevention.  While the Teleconference will be in English, the Tool Kit and the resources will be available in French.

For more information, email Kathy Baillie at Parent Action on Drugs at with the subject line "Registering for the Taking Charge Teleconference" or call (416) 395-4970.