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2008 LGBTQ Health Matters Week

Sherbourne Health Centre is pleased to present the First Annual LGBTQ Health Matters Week, April 7-13, 2008.
Join us for a week of celebrating the health and well being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, 2-spirited, genderqueer, intersex, queer and questioning communities in Toronto.

The week's theme is Make the Connection

  • between your health and your communities.
  • through healthy choices to a healthier life.
  • to each other.

This new initiative is coordinated by Sherbourne Health Centre and is based on the annual community health fair, Queer Health Matters, which was held in partnership with the Rainbow Health Network  from 2004-2007.   The format has been expanded to a week for 2008 in order to increase access for participants by having a range of events held in different locations, as well as to highlight the increasing diversity of LGBTQ health and social service programming available in the city of Toronto.

The 2008 LGBTQ Health Matters Week  is a great way for you and your organization to focus, reinforce and strengthen your commitment to addressing LGBTQ health issues in the city of Toronto.
Your support of this week is critical, and we need your help to ensure that LGBTQ Health Matters Week is as successful as possible. We are here to support your efforts and to provide information and resources where possible.
Get your friends and colleagues involved and let the media and your communities know about your activities. Please let us know about your plans, so we can publicize all events and activities by including information about them on our website, This website will launch in early March.

For more information about the 2008 LGBTQ Health Matters Week, please contact Michèle Clarke, Sherbourne Health Centre, at (416) 324-4177 or