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Researcher, EVIDENCE Evaluation and Consulting

Overview of Position

The Researcher is primarily responsible for assisting the Consultants and Facilitators to deliver evaluation and consultation services to client organizations. The Researcher performs work at all stages of the evaluation and consultation process. The Researcher primarily engages in internal communication, with some external communication to clients.

The Researcher is accountable to the supervising Consultant and Facilitator.

Under the direction of the supervising Consultant and Facilitator, the Researcher:    

Assists in conducting situational analyses of programs and their organizations including:

  • identifying program objectives
  • developing program descriptions
  • developing logic models.

Assists in conducting data collection and analysis including:

  • developing and implementing surveys and questionnaires
  • developing consent forms, interview and focus group guides
  • seeking informed consent from respondents
  • coding and/ or quantifying qualitative data
  • developing flow diagrams
  • constructing and manipulating databases
  • using descriptive statistics (frequencies, means, etc.).

Assists with project management including:

  • responding to requests for proposals for contracts and grants
  • writing formal service agreements
  • developing preliminary budgets
  • managing the time it takes to conduct an evaluation or consultation
  • consistently employing documentation practices
  • presenting work in a timely manner
  • attending meetings as required and participating as a member of the EVIDENCE team.

Assists with reporting requirements to client organizations including:

  • having regular and timely communications
  • preparing and making presentations and written reports of procedures and results
  • using graphical displays if appropriate
  • presenting results clearly and simply so that clients and other stakeholders can easily understand the process and results
  • representing EVIDENCE professionally in the community when required.


Possesses a university degree (post-graduate preferred) with demonstrated academic achievement in social sciences, health sciences, administrative studies, or public policy-related discipline.

  • Is knowledgeable about and/ or experienced in:
    • research designs
    • qualitative and quantitative research methods
    • uses of program evaluation
    • qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
  • Demonstrated experience in any or all of the following areas:
    • program evaluation
    • community-based research
    • program development
    • public policy development.
  • Possesses demonstrable skills in the following areas:
    • communication
    • conceptual thinking
    • problem-solving
    • teamwork and interpersonal
    • organizational and project management skills.
  • Possesses commitment to ethical conduct including sensitivity to the cultural and social environments of programs and their stakeholders.
  • Is proficient with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer.


  • Possesses previous management and/or consulting experience.
  • Is knowledgeable about adult learning, education and training.


  • Part-time: 35 hours/ week
  • Position duration: 6-month contract with the possibility of renewal

Contact Information

Please forward your cover letter and resume to

EVIDENCE Evaluation and Consulting
120 Carlton Street, Suite 209
Toronto, ON  M5A 4K2
Tel: (416) 323-9557
Fax: (416) 323-9927

Please write: "Researcher Position" in the subject line of your e-mail.