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Call for Proposals--Ontario CAPC/CPNP 2008 Annual Conference

October 6-8, 2008
Minett, Ontario

The Coordinating Committee of Ontario CAPC/CPNP projects hosts an annual conference for the projects in Ontario. This years' conference, "Thrive and Survive: Moving Forward in Uncertain Times" marks the 12th annual CAPC/CPNP Conference, which will be dedicated to project managers and sponsors. The conference delegates have a wealth of experience in the not-for-profit sector and currently work with vulnerable families with children prenatal to age six.

Conference Goal: To provide a forum for high quality learning and dialogue between and among sponsors, coordinators and PHAC.


  1. To provide opportunities for knowledge development in emerging issues
  2. To enhance leadership development in times of uncertainty
  3. To facilitate opportunities for sharing and networking
  4. To celebrate our successes

The audience the workshops will be presented to include project managers and sponsors of CAPC/CPNP projects.  It is our desire to have the topics presented within the context of serving vulnerable families with children pre-natal to age 6, many of whom are newcomers to Canada, teen/young parents and families living in poverty. 

Travel and accommodations will be compensated according to Government of
Canada guidelines.

To obtain the proposal submission form, please contact Beth Bonvie, Coalition Coordinator, CAPC/CPNP at (613) 493-0100 or  For more info about CAPC/CPNP, please visit