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Participate in Ontario's Health Curriculum Policy Review

OHPE readers may not be aware that Ontario's Health Curriculum policy is under review or may be participating by way of another initiative.  The Educational Alliance for a Sustainable Ontario (EASO) invites those interested to participate in this opportunity to review Ontario's current policy and consider its strengths and shortcomings in order to ensure that with regard to its current health curriculum policy work.
Ontario's Health and Physical Education curriculum policy ( and is under review, a process that only takes place every five to seven years.  What is taught in schools is largely determined by the content of these documents.  EASO supports the Ministry of Education review process by bringing education for sustainable development insights to the table.   We have been granted status in the process and have participated in the past through the involvement of our many member organizations.
The Project and Invitation: Mid March is the deadline for submitting a report to the Ministry of Education identifying those areas of the health curriculum that are currently strengths and those areas in need of improvement.  A Word file is available listing health related topics and issues that should be addressed through formal learning.  Those that are highlighted currently are not addressed at all in Grades 1 to 8 Health and Phys Ed.  An analysis of the secondary curriculum is similar.  We are inviting organizations with interest and expertise to participate as part of EASO's submission,  acknowledging that there are many who may not be aware of this opportunity.
Process: Please share this information with anyone in your professional network. Identifying those interested is the first step.  A simple question that can guide contribution is "What should citizens know in order to make good health decisions ?"  If the answers that arise are not addressed in formal education then we have an area for concern.  Many organizations have access to research that identifies gaps in the public's understanding of key issues.  Including this research in submissions is a very important part of this work.
For more information, please contact Stan R. Kozak, Learning Specialist, Learning For a Sustainable Future, at (519) 826-0408 or