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New Report--State of the Evidence Review on Urban Health and Healthy Weights

The Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) is pleased to announce the release of State of the Evidence Review on Urban Health and Healthy Weights. This systematic review was commissioned by CPHI to review and synthesize the evidence on

  • structural and community-level characteristics of urban environments that promote or inhibit the achievement of healthy weights, and
  • effectiveness of interventions to assist urban populations in achieving healthy weights.

The report synthesizes findings addressing four outcome areas (obesity/healthy weights, food/diet/nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviour) in relation to physical, economic, political and socio-cultural environments. Urban design, food affordability, school policies and media/advertising are just a few examples of characteristics of urban environments included in the review.

Authors Dr. Kim Raine, Dr. John C. Spence, Dr. John Church, Dr. Normand Boulé, Linda Slater, Josh Marko, Karyn Gibbons and Eric Hemphill estimate the strength of the evidence and identify potential priorities for future policy-relevant research.

Download the report at